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What do we do?

Education transforms lives. CSF creates an innovative tuition program called “Trash to Tuition” to give every children in rural areas of Cambodia access to free education. We work with local and international volunteers to teach English, computer skills, and basic education of recycling to children in remote areas

Why English and basic Computer Skills?

Approximately 90% of poor Cambodian children live in rural areas with limited access to public schools. Many children, especially girls, are left without access to education because their parents cannot afford the tuition. In Cambodia, “more than half of Cambodian school children do not complete primary school at all” and more than 300,000 children are forced to work to help support their families every day. To build a public school required alot of resource and capital. With limited resource and funding, we decided should started with what most of important in today society and job market. Because Cambodian is country dominated by tourism, there are plenty of job as long as you know the English Language and Basil Computer Skills. That the main reason CSF attempts to teach English and computer skills to assist children in finding a job easily. It not only help every child to become his or her own destinies, but also brings developments to their family, country, and the world.

Our Impact

Education Give Children A Bright Future. When poor children in remote areas of Cambodia can access to basic education, they gain access to health and well being, social development, and gender equality that lead to a better life. With a little support from every individual will make a difference by Giving Education to 184,824 Cambodian children who have never had access to even basic education Donate Now, Transforms A Life.