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What is Coconut School Foundation?

Our mission at Coconut School Foundation is to help people in remote communities that lack access to public school, healthcare, and technology fight poverty through free education programs, access to basic healthcare, and free meals while attending classes. But there’s a catch, to attend each student must participate in the “Trash to Tuition” program where students are required to clean up trash from their home and community and bring those to school so we can teach them to recycle/repurpose it into household items, garden, farming materials, and toys to keep it from turning their home into landfill.
90% of our school is built from trashes these student collects including classrooms, library, computer lab and clinics and coffee shop (rubbish coffee).

How do we accomplish this?

We work with both local and international volunteers. Currently, we have 2 full times teachers and 78 students ages ranging from 7 to 16. We also have two full times staff overseeing the facility. We introduce electricity to the school by installing solar panels -> we’re fully living off the grits. We emphasize recycling as means of cleaning up the community to break the cycle of burning garbage (which leads to the depletion of the ozone layer and reducing the contamination of drinking water caused by garbage buried in landfills).

What have your organization accomplish up to date?

We started with a budget of $5000, enough to build one classroom. Now that has expanded into a campus with a library, computer labs, playground, coffee shop, tour guide department, and clinic. In the grand scheme of things, we are still in our infancy, but we do have new projects in the pipeline.